VectorBT Pro - Tutorial Series
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VectorBT Pro - Tutorial Series

VectorBT Pro - Tutorial Series

This article is an introduction to a series of tutorials on VectorBT Pro and will serve as a Table of Contents to the entire series of our VectorBT tutorials and will be regularly updated whenever a new blog post is published in our VectorBT tutorial series. To run the code in these tutorials, you would need to buy access to vectorBT pro from Oleg Polakow and import vectorbtpro as vbt in your code.


1. Comprehensive Basics

The tutorials in this chapter will use a toy strategy called the Double Bollinger Band Strategy to illustrate the vectorBT concepts

2. Advanced

  • Create Customized dashboard for Simulation and Strategy
    Create your own customized dashboard using dash (from plotly) to visualize the vectorBT portfolio simulation and strategy development with entries and exits.
  • Parameter Optimization
    Learn how to run a parameter optimization process on a strategy with multiple parameter combinations and also do cross validation of the parameter optimization across multiple train & test splits of the market data.
  • Discretionary Signals Backtesting
    Learn how to run a backtest simulation on extracted discretionary signals, by creating your own custom simulator and order management function.

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Many thanks to Oleg Polakow, for his continuing support to VectorBT Pro